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My iPad gaming setup

Apple introduced it’s gaming service, Apple Arcade, not too long ago to rather mixed reviews. High-end gamers were disappointed with the lack of big-name titles. Yet, casual gamers were delighted with a reasonable catalogue of good games they can dip into occasionally to kill some time.

Not too long after Arcade launched, rumours circulated that Apple was asking developers to optimise their games for engagement, which could signal the service was not catching on as fast as they initially hoped. Whether this rumour is true or not, it’s clear that the service has not set the…

The good, the bad and the Smart Case

I’ve been using Apple’s new over-ear headphones for more than a month. I was lucky enough to snag a day-one delivery and have been using them almost every day since. I typically listen to a lot of music while I’m working.

Sound quality

Although the smaller AirPods Pro also support spatial audio, I have switched over to using AirPods Max almost exclusively for watching movies and TV shows that support Apple’s version of surround sound. Pairing the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the AirPods Max is the perfect personal movie experience. Watching the Mandalorian with spatial audio enabled makes the show come…

iPadOS needs to break free from its iOS roots

2020 was a big year for the iPad. The iPad Pro got an expensive new keyboard. The entire lineup got real mouse support, and the Air got a facelift that makes it more “pro” than ever before. But all these updates are meaningless if Apple does not address the elephant in the room; iPadOS. Today, iPadOS is still far too similar to iOS, making it hard to think of the iPad as a true MacBook replacement. I love the iPad because it is the future of computing and it is the most fun computer Apple has ever made. I…

An honest look at the new Apple hotness

Have you heard? Apple released a new pair of active noise-cancelling headphones.
And they cost £549.
Even if you only have a passing interest in tech, it was hard to escape the news that AirPods Max cost five hundred and forty-nine pounds! Add the additional aux cord price you need to use them on a plane and the price of AppleCare+, and you’re looking at a headset that costs more than double the price of the current market leaders.

Twitter lost its collective mind when Apple released the Max. The news triggered an avalanche of snarky tweets mentioning the exorbitant…

At £549, they’re actually a bargain

You can’t argue with the numbers

You are not stupid for preordering Apple’s AirPods Max. You are not a so-called “AirHead”. You are not bad with money. You know what you’re doing, and you know exactly why you want to buy a set of £549 noise-cancelling headphones. You deserve the best because you work hard and you play hard.

But just in case the price tag is keeping you up at night, here are some ways for you to minimise the cost to help you feel good about your purchase.

You never really liked regular AirPods

If you preordered last week, congrats, you’re in an elite group of Apple fans who get…

iPadOS needs to move away from its iOS roots

It’s time to stop pretending the iPad is a real computer. This may come as a surprise from someone who makes YouTube videos about iPad productivity, but I have reached the end of my rope.

After the wild, emotional rollercoaster that was 2020, I was looking forward to a quiet December. I wanted to catch up on my shows, get some rest and mentally prepare for whatever 2021 has in store for us. Instead of a peaceful break, the past two weeks have been some of the busiest of my entire year. At work, briefs rained down from all corners…

How the iPad will benefit from the M1 chip

Apple’s transition to using its own silicon is off to a great start. Apple gave us a taste of things to come with the introduction of their first chip for the Mac called the Apple M1. The new silicon can be found inside a new Mac mini, 13 inch MacBook Pro and a redesigned, fanless MacBook Air. I suspect they chose this hardware as a way for Apple to showcase the new architecture’s speed and performance inside three different form factors.

The performance of the Apple M1 blows away the competition. It’s fast, powerful, energy-efficient and quiet. I’ve been using…

Apple’s colourful tablet is the iPad for everyone. Almost.

I’ve been using the iPad Air as my primary iPad for the past week, and I absolutely love it. But as much as I enjoy using it, I have decided to return it and go back to my 12.9 inch Pro. If you’re in the market for an iPad, and you’re planning on using it for light web browsing and media consumption, the Air is definitely the tablet for you. But if you’re planning on using the iPad as a MacBook replacement, I would recommend skipping the Air and going Pro instead.

Side note, be sure to subscribe to…

Apple’s latest tablet gives the Pro a run for its money

I’ve been using the new iPad Air for a few days and I am absolutely in love with this little green machine. If this is your first iPad, you will be mighty impressed with the iPad Air. It is a gorgeous device. The tablet comes in five beautiful pastel colours that remind me of a colour scheme for an Easter egg display at a high-end department store.

Apple’s egg-citing tablet lineup

The Air has the same boxy, squared-off design as the Pro. With its softer colour palette, colour matched antenna bands and compact size it looks more fun and approachable than the iPad…

Apple’s most beautiful iPad may not be a good option for some

The Air is the best iPad for most people

The reviews are in, and many tech reporters agree, the 2020 iPad Air is the iPad for most people. Apple seems to have struck the right balance between features and value for money and wrapped it all in a beautiful pastel package.

The iPad range is now better, and more extensive than ever, so how do you know if the Air is right for you. In today’s video, I discuss five reasons why you might want to consider the Pro instead of the new 2020 Air.

  1. The Pro has a better…


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